Not Recommended for Production Use

As of 2024, I have been working on these components for years one by one. This will continue to be a side project to my side projects but may eventually get to the point of production ready. These components may not work in all browsers or comply with accessibility standards and may break from one version to another.

These docs will not be polished, up-to-date or entirely accurate, but I'll try and improve them in the future. I decided to depricate the public npm package Sveltekit-UI because I was making so many significant changes week to week it would be a mess for others to keep up but as I stabalize things I'll probably reintroduce the public package. It's March 2024 as I write this update. Who knows maybe it could be end of 2024 that I may publisize updated package (svelte 5 and modernized css stuff such as popover api).

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